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Eyelash extensions

How to Care for Your First Set of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to increase the fullness and definition of your natural eyelashes, giving your eyes a stunning, feminine allure you’ll love. When you get your first classic full set lashes, the results are instantaneous and impressive. However, eyelash extensions are not permanent, so you will need to return to your lash artist for repeat fills to keep your results longer.

Follow the recommendations of your lash artist to keep your eyelashes looking amazing. It’s recommended to have your classic full set lashes filled every few weeks, although you can space out fill sessions if you care for your lashes properly. 

Explore these care tips for your first set of eyelash extensions. 

Wash Your Lashes

For the classic full set lashes, your lash artist uses skill and precision to place individual lashes on your existing lashes, resulting in thicker, longer lashes. The lashes are kept in place with a special glue. Washing your eyelash extensions up to three times a week with a makeup brush and an oil-free makeup remover will help remove buildup and keep your eyelashes looking amazing. 

Note: Do not wash your eyelashes for 24 to 48 hours after you have your fill done. For best results, arrive to each eyelash extension fill session with a clean, makeup-free face. 

Keep Your Lashes Bare or Minimal

The whole point of eyelash extensions is to enhance the stunning appeal of your lashes while giving you a natural feminine look. If you are used to wearing heavy amounts of mascara, eyeliner, and curling your lashes on the regular (see the following section for more information about eyelash curlers), consider scaling back while you have eyelash extensions in place.

Wear a non-waterproof mascara with your extensions to help make cleaning your lashes easier. There are oil-free and eyelash extension-approved makeup products you can also wear; your eyelash artist can help you select the right beauty products to help you get the most out of your extensions. 

Leave Your Lashes Alone

Resist the urge to pull on your eyelashes when you have extensions, and do not rub your eyes excessively. Even though your eyelash extensions are adhered to your lashes and are designed to last, they will wear out or lose their shape if you pull or pluck at them. 

If you regularly use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes, speak to your lash artist about continuing this beauty regimen when you have extensions in. For added boost and curl, ask for eyelash extensions with a natural curl to them. Otherwise, using a heated eyelash curler is best for occasional curling at home.

Note: Avoid the eye area when applying creams and serums to your face. The oils in many skin care products can cause the glue of your eyelash extensions to wear out prematurely. 

Schedule Fill Sessions

Your new lashes won’t last forever but should look luxurious and full until your scheduled fill session. With a classic full set of lashes, a fill every few weeks is recommended. Schedule your next fill when you are having your lashes worked on so you can continue with regular care. 

A fill session is required when your lashes start to thin, you notice your extensions separating or losing shape or luster, or if your extensions are falling out prematurely. If your lashes are falling out before your next scheduled fill session, call your lash artist for an earlier appointment. 

Eyelash extensions help enhance your natural beauty and give your eyes a youthful, lifted appearance. Beginners are recommended to get the classic full set, however glamour and hybrid lash sets are available as well. Explore the many ways you can get fuller, more stunning lashes with Lash My World, where we are as dedicated to your beauty as you are; book an appointment with one of our lash artists today.

First time chemical peel

How a Pumpkin Peel Revives Your Dry Winter Skin

Healthy skin is vital to a nourished, stunning complexion. As winter season hits, your skin suffers from dryness, dullness, and an uneven pallor. It’s no coincidence that as soon as the temperatures drop, your skin’s elasticity and vitality seem to drop as well. It’s time to think about your first-time chemical peel to give your skin the healthy boost it needs. 

Luckily, you can revive your skin with one chemical peel in particular — a pumpkin peel — can revive your winter skin and help you get through the gloomy season. Following the advice of your skin care specialist, you can make your skin smooth and lustrous again, and get back to your beautiful self. 

Here are ways a pumpkin peel revives and recharges your dry winter skin. Talk to your skin care specialist about a custom conditioning treatment and skin care plan that is best for your needs. 

You Get Skin-Healthy Nutrition 

As the name of the peel implies, this facial treatment contains natural pulp derived from pumpkins. Pumpkin contains plenty of skin-plumping nutrients, such as: 

  • Vitamin A 
  • Zinc 
  • Potassium 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
  • Fruit Enzymes 

All these nutrients help to rejuvenate the skin by encouraging cell turnover and collagen production. A pumpkin peel is beneficial to people who have experienced sun damage, have acne-prone skin, or who have dry, flaky skin that needs a boost. 

You Get Younger-Looking Skin 

Fine lines, undereye bags, and uneven skin tone can become worse in the winter season due to lack of hydration and extreme skin dryness. A pumpkin peel is designed to help boost your skin tone and help slow down the aging process while giving your skin a youthful glow. The enzymes, vitamins, and AHAs in this unique peel help promote youthful-looking skin.

A pumpkin peel can even help reduce undereye circles and hyperpigmentation, allowing your skin to look healthier and younger. Continued treatments give you the best results. 

You Get Gentle Skin Rejuvenation 

If you have skin sensitivities or react to some common ingredients found in many skin cleansers, then a pumpkin peel is a great alternative to other peels. Since much of the ingredients in this facial peel are natural in nature, you can get this treatment with less worry of having a reaction. 

If you are new to chemical peels or have had a reaction to a peel in the past, let your skin care specialist know; a pumpkin peel is a great way to introduce your winter skin to a healthier outlook without causing damage in the restorative process. 

You Get Near-Instant Results 

While it’s best to receive a chemical peel every month for four to six treatments, you can get noticeable results within a single session when you get a pumpkin peel. Most notably, you’ll see fresher, smoother skin, since the peel has a natural exfoliation effect. 

What happens with winter skin is this: the cooler temps and dry winter air suck moisture out of your skin, leaving you moisturizing more frequently as a result. Since a pumpkin peel sloughs away the dead skin and leaves behind nourished, refreshed, younger-looking facial skin, you look and feel more stunning after a single treatment. Follow your pumpkin peel treatment with a great anti-aging moisturizing regimen for best results.

Before you get a pumpkin peel, discuss all your chemical peel options with your skin care specialist. Your skin care specialist will examine your skin and suggest the best conditioning treatment that will work best for you. 

We take pride in helping our clients be their best selves, and offer stunning results in skin care, waxing, lash extensions, and more. Book your pumpkin peel appointment and other beauty treatments with Lash My World today.


How Microneedling Works to Heal Your Acne-Scarred Skin 

Acne is a common skin condition that can leave behind deep scars and discoloration. When your pores are filled with oils, dead skin cells, and infection-causing bacteria, the resulting damage to the skin can be pitting and scarring. Common therapies to treat acne scars include laser treatments, chemical peels, and microneedling.

Covering acne-scarred skin with makeup and careful contouring is a temporary solution, but won’t help you achieve long-term healthier, more radiant and stunning skin. You must restore your skin and boost healthy collagen production in order to revive your facial skin and repair the acne-scarred damage.

Luckily, you have an option for treating acne-scarred skin without undergoing harsh treatments or laser therapies: microneedling. Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a safe and effective way to reduce acne scarring and pitting and give you fresh, smooth, more radiant skin. 

Book a consultation with your skin care expert to learn how microneedling can help you achieve more evenly toned, tighter, brighter, and less acne-scarred skin. Here are ways microneedling works to give your skin the boost it needs and improve your acne scars. 

Microneedling Breaks Up Tissue

Microneedling works like this: tiny pin pricks are made in the affected area of the skin by a dermarolling device or micropen, outfitted with many tiny needles. These tiny skin penetrations break up scar tissue and forcibly ‘damage’ your skin further. The minor skin disruptions cause your skin to react by producing more collagen, which helps to break up the acne scars and make skin smoother and less pitted over time. 

Microneedling Encourages Even Skin Tone

With acne scarring comes deep discoloration that can even be noticeable under makeup. When microneedling is introduced as part of your normal skin care routine, you do your part to encourage your skin to heal itself and restore its natural vitality. Part of this restoration is the reversal of uneven skin tone, for fresher, healthier skin. 

Microneedling Creates Fuller, Firmer Skin 

A great by-product of doing microneedling treatments is the increase of collagen production not just for your acne scarring, but for your whole face. Collagen is what helps skin stay firm and taut and lends to the youthful, stunning glow you desire. With repeated microneedling treatments, you’ll notice deeper acne scars that are pitted and deep become filled in and smoother all-around. 

You’ll likely notice fine lines and wrinkles in your face become improved as well. While the focus of your microneedling treatments will be targeting the reduction of acne scars, you may see an overall improvement in your skin’s health and vitality, as an added bonus. 

It’s best to get microneedling treatments on a spaced-out basis so your skin can heal between sessions. Get collagen induction therapy sessions as recommended by your skin care specialist, usually around once a month or every six weeks or so. Most dermaroller or micropen devices use needles of .25 to .50 millimeters for the face, resulting in minimal skin penetration and more radiant skin.

Wear a strong SPF sunscreen following your microneedling treatment, and always use a moisturizer or oil-enriched serum before and after each session. You’ll find a great variety of skin care treatments to pamper your face and body at Lash My World. Our skin care specialists will help you with your acne scarring concerns and more; contact us to make an appointment today so you can be your most stunning self.