Eyelash Extensions aren't just for models on the runway
Eyelash Extensions are the hottest cosmetic trend for life changing eye enhancement. No more embarrassing mascara leaks. No more wasted time in the mirror. Your extensions will be customized to personal preference by one of our licensed eyelash specialists. With LASHMYWORLD'S unique methods and premium lashes you will always look naturally glamorous.

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If there is anything that can inspire confidence it's that second look from your significant other & the random turning heads wherever else you go. Enhancing the noticeability of your eyes will give you that extra element enjoyed mostly by the Hollywood elite. Welcome some extra attention to your gaze. Welcome to LASHMYWORLD.

We're not talking about the latest curling, thickening, or lengthening mascaras... We're definitely not talking about strip-lashes… Not even close!!! We're talking natural looking Eyelash Extensions custom-tailored for women of every walk of life. Each synthetic eyelash is meticulously joined to an existing eyelash with LASHMYWORLD'S medical-grade adhesive. Your lash-line will have the perfect look of radiant health and natural beauty.