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Your new Lash My Word eyelash extensions will need a very minimal amount of attention! In the first 24 hours they need to be free from water, liquids and fluids in order to let our adhesive completely dry and set. So as much as your eyes and face will have transformed please hold back those tears for a day.


“What is an Eyelash Extension?”

Technically known as Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions – or commonly called Eyelash Extensions – it is the process of uniting synthetic eyelash extensions to each individual eyelash by using our specially formulated adhesive.

An average set of eyelash extensions lasts 4-6 weeks, with a recommended fill 2-3 weeks after completing your initial appointment. A fill is a shorter eyelash extension appointment where your Lash My World artist will replace any extensions that have shed or fallen out, align all of your lashes, and ensure the longevity of existing extensions.

“Preparing for your appointment:”

Lash My World artists work on a tight schedule in order to bring beauty to as many women of the world as possible. On the day of your appointment, preparation will allow for your Lash My World artist to spend the maximum amount of time and attention on perfection your new eyelashes.